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Las Malcriadas
The series follows the story of Laura, a young journalist who suffers the loss of her mother and cleaning her personal belongings, discovers evidence that leads her to assume that her biological mother was another woman. Full of sadness for the death of her adoptive mother and with anger towards her family for having lied to her, Laura makes the most difficult decision of her life and decides to look for information that leads her to find the whereabouts of the woman who gave her life. In this process she discovers that her journey is more dangerous than she imagined, and will have to face a series of experiences that she never imagined to live—In this way—Laura will meet four other brave women, full of dreams, and with an immense desire to get ahead, who will be their companions of adventures. However, she will also encounter dark characters who will do what is necessary for Laura not to discover everything behind her origin. Later, Laura and these women will be identified by the press and society as Las Malcriadas, as they are accused of some crimes.
Duración: 45 min
Categorias: Comedia, Melodrama